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due to their inexperience and age, a majority of the main characters were played by young children, though older actors were occasionally used in secondary roles. jerry minor played tommy pickles, matt's older brother and the twins' older half-brother. jim ward appeared as the voice of chuckie finster, while his son, william, played angelica's baby brother. ken marino played the voice of the tv show's villain, king sprocket.[37]marino has admitted that he often shot scenes in a recording studio rather than at the show's set in order to increase his onscreen experience and involvement. not only did marino play king sprocket, but he also served as the voice of his character's predecessor: heimdall.

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inrugrats, chas is played by rebecca romijn-stamos, who portrayed the role from 1995 to 2000. inrugrats in paris, chas is played by marc evan jackson, who played his predecessor, chuckie finster, from 1987 to 1994.

the game was directed and produced by adam reed, who had directed the pilot in 1992. the theme song was composed by david chan. in addition, jerry minor had composed the series' theme song as well. minor said that it was always his intention to compose a theme song forrugrats, because he believed that the feel of the show was "so low-key", and although the second theme that he composed for it was great, he found it to be a little "prestigious" that it was the primary theme song.[3]

inrugrats, a commercial aired throughout the first season for a website called "rugsrus", which was named after the babies' pajamas. the website included the episode guide, episodes' images, trivia, and a virtual rugsrus-sponsored web page, for which the players would be rewarded for correct answers.


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