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Sven Coop Player Model Pack !!LINK!!

sven also features the all-time classic vault-opening-achievements. this mod, which is included in the hd pack, is a bit underwhelming - it's a few levels of hell, with the player being dragged by demons. but it's difficult, and you never do the same thing twice. the mod, however, is pretty popular, since it doesn't require any modifications to the game - you just click the achievement once, and you're set. i've seen the mod described as the most pointless achievement in the universe, but i don't think i can agree with that. on the contrary, it's really simple and it's good to have in the mod list, since nobody likes those.

sven coop player model pack

modding is a bit different, and that's why so many mods are over-the-top. if you want to create a mod, it's better to stick to the standard menu and write a text file. since so many players are hardcore modders, it's probably a bit of a hassle to create a mod for sven. but it's not hard. just give yourself a few hours of your time, and you're good to go. if you have a certain set of skills, the mod can be done for you.

next we found a place to take shelter. this was a somewhat surprising move, as i had been expecting the server to invite players to a base soon, but there was no one else around. this was actually a very nice change of pace, since this is when the map really started to live up to its name, as we explored a now-finished base, finding some sweet goodies. it was a slightly bland place to spawn, however, as it didn't have much in the way of items or features, and only spawned a handful of enemies. i then noticed that some of the players looked rather odd, either being too big or too small. it turns out that the server has a player model pack, and i was having all the models cast on each other. i had expected this to happen, but it makes sense when you consider that everything seems a bit large on the map. but i'm not sure if it was possible to enable this, so i went home for the evening.


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