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Clownfish Hear Microphone Not Workingl

3. Install Microphone in ClownfishYou may be unable to hear your voice. You can simply correct this error by installing the correct microphone option from Setup/System Integration by right-clicking the tray icon. Install the microphone you are using and check again.

Clownfish Hear Microphone Not Workingl

Not updating the clownfish to its recently updated version is the main reason for the clownfish music player not working in Discord. Additionally, your Windows firewall and not allowing permission for clownfish to access the microphone are also responsible for this problem.

Clownfish is a free voice-changing application and it can run on that program that usually needs a microphone. You need a headset to stream on Discord. You can put your friends in a confusion to change your voice through clownfish. For this, you have to allow clownfish to access your microphone.

Clownfish hearing studies have shown they can detect sounds between 75 and 1800 Hz, with best hearing sensitivities between 95 and 240 Hz. The dominant frequency of sounds produced by clownfish ranges from 370-900 Hz.


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