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[S1E4] Volleyball [VERIFIED]

The episode begins with Steven healing the cracked gem of one of Nanefua's Ruby guards and then doing the same to a group of Quartzes. Once the Quartz gems leave to go play volleyball, Pink Pearl shows up, thinking Steven might be able to heal her cracked eye. Steven tries to use his spit on her gem, but is confused when it has no effect. He then tries to put the spit on her eye, but to no avail. Steven then asks about what happened while Pink Pearl was under White Diamond's control, but she says she doesn't remember anything and that she got this scar before White Diamond controlled her. Steven automatically assumes White Diamond was the one who scarred Pink Pearl. When she states Pink Diamond was the one who gave her the scar, Steven tenses up at the mention of his mom and briefly turns into his pink form. Steven is determined to help fix Pink Pearl's scar, and leads her out of the house so they can find Pearl.

[S1E4] Volleyball

They find that Pearl is the referee of the volleyball game between the group of Quartzes. Steven asks Pearl if she can help Pink Pearl, to which she agrees. Steven struggles introducing the Pearls to each other due to them having similar names, and suggests a nickname for Pink Pearl. Pink Pearl states that Pink Diamond used to give her nicknames all the time, and starts to reminisce about her. When a volleyball hits Steven's face, he decides to give Pink Pearl the nickname of "Volleyball".Pearl tells Steven that whenever a Pearl was damaged, they were taken to be fixed at The Reef. Steven agrees to go there and Pearl warps the two of them to The Reef, a clam shell-shaped dome. They are greeted by an A.I. named Shell and explore the customization options for Pearls. Pearl smirks at the many weapons and tools and asks Pink Pearl if she can believe this. Pink Pearl then shows Pearl a ribbon wand that Pink Diamond gave to her. When Pink Pearl asks Pearl what Pink Diamond gave her, Pearl walks away, jealous. Once they enter the center of The Reef, Pink Pearl stands on a circle to be healed by Shell.

[Manga]In PE, Haruka overwhelms Atsuko with a powerful volleyball spike. Maki then asks why Haruka refuses to join the volleyball club and Atsuko explains that she has "kids" at home she needs to take care of. Maki misinterprets this as her having children.

Meanwhile, Hayami and Hosaka watch her carefully, with Hayami lamenting being unable to get Haruka to join the volleyball club, of which she is the girls' captain. Hosaka catches the hint, and vows to Hayami that he will get Haruka to join.

Hosaka appears out of nowhere and asks for a moment of Maki's time. Maki asks him if he heard her insulting him, but he doesn't know what she is talking about, prompting her to give the bald-faced lie that they were talking about how cool he is. Hosaka takes this at face value and praises her for already helping him to recruit Haruka to the volleyball team.[Quotes 5]

It is then that it becomes apparent that Hosaka has corrupted Hayami's original directive, and is now seeking to get her to be manager of the boy's volleyball team, so that she may wipe his sweat and fulfill what appears to be a strange fetish of his.[Notes 7]

After Haruka goes home for the afternoon[Trivia 1], the volleyball club is at practice. Hosaka tries to get Maki and Atsuko's attention, which for him is an exercise in smiling brightly and flicking his hair. They eventually realize he wants to talk to them.

Haikyu!! is an anime television series based on the manga series of the same name by Haruichi Furudate. The anime series produced by Production I.G., was announced in the manga's eighth volume.[1] The story follows Shoyo Hinata, a boy determined to become a great volleyball player despite his small stature. It also focuses the Karasuno High School volleyball team and the relationship between players Shoyo Hinata and Tobio Kageyama.

When speaking about the positioning system in volleyball in German, we usually say the word "Läufer" (lit. "runner") and append the number, X, of the position of the setter, to refer to a certain position in the positioning system. All other players automatically know where to go.

Volleyball came about at a time when basketball was just introduced but was considered too vigorous. It was created as an indoor sport by William G. Morgan who was a physical director of the Young Men?s Christian Association in Massachusetts, America in 1895 for classes of businessmen. The game borrowed characteristics from baseball, tennis and handball and was designed to be less rough than basketball while still requiring athletic effort. It was originally termed ?mintonette? until the name ?volleyball? was suggested due to the volleying nature of how the game is played. 041b061a72


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