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[S1E16] Any Wounded Thief

Meanwhile, Worf has arrived back at the station after captaining the Defiant on a mission into the Gamma Quadrant. Dax teases him that he's in love with the ship. Later, when returning from a sparring session, they catch a thief who has just robbed Worf's quarters. Worf hauls the thief to Odo's office and castigates the constable for such a lapse in security, but Odo counters that Worf's own security history on the Enterprise is not without incident either. Worf will just have to get used to living on a space station.

[S1E16] Any Wounded Thief

The first time we meet Emerald, she was living on the streets of a city in the Kingdom of Mistral. She was much thinner, and existed as a common thief, stealing from shops to get by. Cinder Fall saw her steal a ring from a jewellery store, using her Semblance, and recruited her,

Po met a troupe of female leopards, each beautiful dancers with parasols. When they finished dancing, a thief took their luggage, but Po stopped him and returned their luggage. When Po revealed to them that he was the Dragon Warrior, Su, the leader of the group which called itself the Ladies of the Shade, told Song, a young leopard, to convince Po into taking them into the Jade Palace to steal the Dragon Chalice. 041b061a72


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