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Matures Having Fun !!TOP!!

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matures having fun

Also, maturity only helps you if you're truly mature, not behaving like a caricature of it. Maturity doesn't mean becoming some self-serious stick in the mud who never goofs around or blows off steam. It doesn't mean dressing like a stodgy accountant and staying in every weekend to watch World War II documentaries. It also doesn't mean acting really dark, cynical, and angsty. Also, someone isn't necessarily that mature just because they've checked off milestones like buying a house or having kids.

A facet of having lower emotional regulation is behaving impulsively. Think of a twelve-year-old whose buddy says, "I dare you to jump from that balcony into the swimming pool", and he just does it without thinking. As we get older we get better at considering the consequences of our actions. Adults are seen as more immature if they still make dumb decisions on the spur of the moment.

  • It's no secret that kids can be horrible to each other. Just being a jerk when you're older can cause everyone to see you as someone whose mind is still stuck in middle school. You'll seem particularly immature if you act douchey in a style associated with kids. A few examples: Teasing people over pointless things they can't control, like their unusual last name

  • Mocking someone for having a positive trait, like being smart

  • Annoying people for your own amusement (e.g., playing Dungeons & Dragons with your friends after school, and being an irritating character who tries to derail the campaign at every turn)

  • Being obnoxious or inconsiderate to people for no reason other than to "get a reaction"

  • Being unsympathetic and mean when someone is suffering (e.g., "You're feeling car sick? Oh my god, you're such a wimp! Ha ha, I bet you puke!!!")

  • Spreading malicious gossip

  • Trying to get friends kicked out of the group for petty reasons

  • Playing mean pranks

  • Bragging in a way that throws someone under the bus, e.g., a guy boasting about a woman he slept with, and sharing too many private details about her

Less sense of personal responsibilityWhat do kids often do when they mess up? They try to get out of it. They won't say what they did, and hope no one notices. If they're confronted they may deny they had a part in it, or try to blame someone else. Even if they're given ironclad evidence they screwed up, they may refuse to admit what they did was wrong. When a mature adult makes a mistake they step up and try to make things right. Immature adults still behave like kids who will do anything to avoid "getting in trouble".

Kids are naturally distractible, have trouble sitting still, and quickly get bored if they're not being entertained. People naturally get better at holding their attention and tolerating a lack of stimulation as their brains develop. There are some legitimate reasons someone may carry these traits into adulthood, like having ADHD. However, at a glance someone might see them as a sign of immaturity.

  • These paint you as naive to older people, but are otherwise innocuous, unless you're really sure of your views in a grating way: Simply having less knowledge about aspects of adult life (e.g., you make a comment that gives away that you haven't been in many relationships, or that you've never had to stick to a budget).

  • Getting overly excited about run of the mill adult activities or privileges (e.g., college kids who have clearly just started going to bars. They're so giddy about things like being able to order shots. Older folks still enjoy a drink, but they're more relaxed about it.)

  • Being overly proud of status indicators that really only apply to younger people. For example, in university you may seem popular and connected if you know several of the staff at the local student pub. When you're older no one is really that impressed if you happen to be acquaintances with a handful of bouncers or bartenders.

  • Being boastful about having a sex life. In high school if you have sex before your friends, it might be a sign you're more attractive and confident than them. In the adult world pretty much everyone has a love life, and you'll just seem clueless and obnoxious if you try to brag about the fact that you're getting laid.

  • Having poorer manners / not being as aware of little social guidelines and niceties.

  • Not knowing how to handle alcohol (not that every adult has to drink). Making rookie mistakes like quickly drinking more than you can handle, before the booze has a chance to kick in. More mature people don't fastidiously count their drinks, but even when they're letting loose, they have a sense of what their limits are.

  • Having thoughts and opinions about the world that you think are really original and profound, when they're actually common and cliched. Lecturing older people about your new "discoveries", as if they haven't heard about it all already.

Cockiness / blind overconfidenceA part of cockiness is being so sure of yourself because you don't have the life experience to know you're not actually as great as you think you are. Younger people are more prone to cockiness for this reason. More mature adults have greater perspective about their abilities.

The American Psychological Association (APA) defines maturity as having both wisdom and good judgment. People who are mature are able to control their emotions, respond appropriately to situations, and behave like an adult while dealing with others.

We all enjoy having some time off from work but mature men know that wishing your life away is, well, just that, wishing it away. Instead, mature men like to enjoy everyday and fill up their weeks with not only things they have to do, but things they want to do.

This is a point of differentiation, or at least this notion does challenge some of our expectations about men. While we often assume of younger men that they might be more interested in having fun and short term-relationships; the trend is the opposite when it comes to mature dating.Men in their 50's will prefer a woman who is also relationship orientated, sharing the sort of values that are associated with such concept."Faithfulness, supportiveness and reliability are therefore traits that older men feel more attracted to, as opposed to being attracted to unpredictability and adventure."This doesn't mean that men in their later years don't want to have fun, but their priorities are just different and more mature than when they are younger. It also explains why men marry at older ages than women in countries like the UK (2).

This is very much worth mentioning. We stated earlier that older men prefer relationships and favour romance, but that doesn't mean they are not interest in having sex. However, it seems like they are there for the whole package, rather than just wanting to have fun."The real magic of sex doesn't just exist in the midst of intercourse. What happens before and after add to the whole experience of sex, and older partners are champions at making those parts matter just as much."(5)Men want sex to be something more, with more feelings and emotions attached. In these day where no-strings relationships are more common, it is great to hear that older men generally see women as much more than just someone to have sex with.What this also means is that they expect women not to treat them like they are just being used for sex. They want to feel valued and loved, while also feeling sexually adequate.

Older men recognise that having different values and principles can lead to a lot of clashing and arguing. This is due to experience, realising that people who hold the same values simply get on better. What this means is that they expect women to hold similar points of view, and at least agree on some fundamental basic principles."Don't be too serious: Try to relax and seek out companionship based on shared values and common interests." (8)Men in their later years don't expect to you to agree with every single point they make, but they do want to share the same fundamental principles. They understand that people who are alike make for a more stable relationship.Therefore it is best that they find a woman who agrees with them on most things in life, as opposed to finding a woman whom they will try to change over the course of their relationship.

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