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These ads are provided by Microsoft and our 3rd party advertising partners in accordance with the Microsoft Privacy Statement. If you have a Microsoft Account you can control what data Microsoft uses to show you ads under the advertising page on the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard. If you opt out of ad targeting you will not see fewer ads, but the ads may be less relevant to you.

buy for less ad okc

On November 30, 1949, Tulsa's KOTV channel 6 began broadcasting. Helen Alvarez was the driving force behind this station. WKY-TV and KOTV were on the low band of television known as VHF (very high frequency) channels 2 through 13. Early television sets were only equipped with these channels. If viewers wanted the upper channels, that is, UHF (ultrahigh frequency) channels 14 through 83, they had to buy a box adapter for the set. In early years Oklahoma City and Tulsa had UHF stations. However, because they had significantly fewer viewers than the VHF stations, they were short lived. Without an audience, there was little advertising and less profit.

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