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The Greatest Showman - The Greatest Show [Full HD Scene] EXCLUSIVE

Following the new Hollywood-style musical set by La La Land, the film tells an old story with contemporary music, colors, and imagination. The Greatest Showman is well choreographed, composed of accurate yet beautiful costumes, with a rich set design and evocative songs. Each detail builds into the historical context while creating an enticing film. The mise-en-scene makes this film appealing to youth who otherwise would not watch old Technicolor musicals. Overall, The greatest showman is a spectacle worth seeing on a big screen.

The Greatest Showman - The greatest show [Full HD Scene]

I just watched the greatest showman and in the movie "this is me" they had a jump where the dancers jumped in the air and went in slow motion while one singer in front was in normal speed! also while all of this was happening the camera was moving through the people that were slowly moving through the air. then the people that where in slow motion dropped to the ground at the same time and kept singing and dancing in the clip. I want to know how to do this very badly or if i need to do it in after effects please help! 041b061a72


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