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Buckley's Chance EXCLUSIVE

Buckley's improbable survival is believed by many Australians to be the source of the vernacular phrase "you've got Buckley's or none" (or simply "you've got Buckley's"), which means "no chance", or "it's as good as impossible". The Macquarie Dictionary supports this theory, although the ANU Australian National Dictionary Centre tends to support a second theory:[2] that the expression was a pun on the name of a now defunct Melbourne department store chain, Buckley & Nunn.[3]

Buckley's Chance

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This famous phrase likely refers to William Buckley, a convict with an incredible story. Buckley's chance means you've got no chance at all, which is a little odd, considering Buckley managed to elude colonial authorities for over 30 years by escaping into the Australian bush where he lived with Indigenous people until giving himself up.

While dredging the silty river of the Macquarie database we also found crool, as in he crooled his chance. Meaning to ruin or spoil, crool is basically obsolete, though the purposeful misspelling of cruel feels like a perfect fit for our meme-ruled online world.

The Utes kept the pressure on with Natalie Vukic, Buckley and Taylor all having chances in the ensuing minutes. However, Oklahoma would find the equalizer in the 26th minute on a goal by Lizzie Luallin.

In the second half, both teams continued to battle the 97-degree Oklahoma heat. Baylee Nielsen got on the end of a corner-kick attempt in the 57th minute but header over and Vukic probably had Utah's best chance saved in the 68th.

The man who broke the westerners' hearts in last season's FAI Cup final had it all to do when he received Conan Byrne's pass on the edge of the box, but he turned Alan Keane inside out and gave Richard Brush no chance with a curled shot that nestled in the corner of the net.

The chances dried up thereafter, with Matthew Blinkhorn having the best opening for Sligo, the big striker failed to connect properly with Eoin Doyle's cross before Brush denied Fingal's Keith Quinn at the death.

A bright start saw both teams have chances to go ahead early on, with Amond flashing a low shot wide from Gary McCabe's pinpoint pass and Paisley striking the post with a header from Byrne's free-kick that left Brush helplessly watching the ball come off the upright. 041b061a72


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