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Hi guys

I do not claim to run or even jog but I am trying to “shuffle” as opposed to walking. My first shuffle about

7 weeks ago consisted of 4 x 30 seconds and no more. Slowly I crept up to 6-8 x 30 secs and then

3-4 x 45 secs. This was once or twice a week, not exactly high mileage. So I decided to re-join the Tuesday evening session, now led by Graham. As we run Interval/Tempo sessions we regroup so I do not get left behind. I got to the level of 20 x 30 seconds a couple of weeks ago. I shuffled around 70 metres while

everybody else ran 150-200 metres but it was progress.

However, 20 x 30 seconds = 10 minutes and this seemed to be my maximum apart from a couple of

12 x 1 minutes. I could not shuffle any further it seemed. This morning I was tired after a Saturday session of 12x 1 minute efforts. I try not to train successive days but this week was awkward. So this morning I walked about 1.5 miles and when I found a nice downhill I shuffled 4 minutes. Then I walked very slowly for 4 minutes and finding another downhill I tried another downhill effort of 4 minutes. This was very interesting as I found I could keep going for 4 minutes even if it was downhill. So I now have a revised platform and have overcome what was obviously a mental blockage.

I have learnt a new trick, sometimes a downhill section might help you overcome a barrier. You will all have periods when you could not train, it might be work, family commitments, illness or injury. As you try to get back to training be sensible and give yourself a boost by choosing softer routes. The heavy mud and steep hills can be left to later when your mind and body are ready.

Good luck and enjoy,


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Teresa Pooley
Teresa Pooley
Nov 12, 2021

Just finished reading this article , very interesting. I watched a Dr.Mosley program on HIT a while back too made similar points on changing your patterns. Am more aware of the benefits of short intensive more effective sessions of exercise. Thanks for sharing 🙂


Very Interesting article and good advice..Thanks Tony...

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